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How to Compete

Cameramen talking video of medical expert

Video 1

Finish the sentence: “If we don’t act now…” in the context of climate change and your personal concerns. 30 seconds max.


Video 2

The evidence for your concern: up to 2 minutes to use a piece of data, facility outputs, model, image, research resource (sediment core, samples, outcrop, fossil) paper etc. to explain in non-technical terms the basis for your concerns.


Video 3

The solution: your personal contribution, your research, personal or lifestyle choices that are founded in your concerns about climate change. 30 seconds max.

Your videos can be filmed or animated, using your own research, your research group outputs, or the focus of your laboratory. You can be a PhD, ECR or PI, and you can create group submissions from laboratory staff, co-authors on a paper or a supervisory team. The aim is to encourage submissions from all members of the scientific community to make the science behind climate change understandable and relatable. The winning submissions will be hosted virtually or in person at the UKRI stand in the Green Zone for the COP26 conference in November, with the best submissions featured in a summary video, visible to politicians and policymakers attending the conference.

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