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Entry Requirements


Active researchers, 1st year PhD and above, from any institute, in any country.

Open to all nationalities, in all countries, providing they meet the criteria above.


All videos must adhere to the time limits (30 seconds, 2 minutes, 30 seconds), submissions exceeding these time limits are disqualified. The time will be assessed using the video length as listed when you upload to YouTube.

You must have permission to display or use the resource or data you utilise, please acknowledge contributors in the videos where appropriate.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the content of your videos.

By submitting your videos to this NEIF competition, you are giving permission for these videos to be freely shared by NEIF and NERC, and the video must be freely available to view on YouTube.

The decision of the judging panel is final.

Videos can be filmed at any location (laboratory, home, office, field etc.), please ensure you comply with your home institutes guidelines on fieldwork, and health and safety.

If you use a figure from a paper or other resource, please ensure you have permission to use it.

You can use any media software or tools to enhance your video, creativity in presenting the research is encouraged.

Your videos must be uploaded to YouTube, and you must complete the online submission form at the competition website to create your page.

You may supply additional links to further reading materials, webpages, videos, it is your responsibility to ensure the links are working before finalising the submission.

Once you have submitted your video, it is not possible to edit the submission, so please ensure you have met all requirements of your home institute, funding body and gained permission of associated researchers where relevant before submitting.


Please use the NEIF land BOSCORF logos on your video submissions (downloadable below), placed in the top right of all three videos. You may also use logos from your home institute or funder within your videos, it is your responsibility to ensure they meet the requirements of that institution before uploading your videos. Submissions cannot be edited once submitted.

NEIF Logo: Download
BOSCORF Logo: Download

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How to Compete